Sitting on the floor of the garden of Casa de S. José in Albarraque, the bride and groom talking in a pose for the wedding photographer in Lisbon.


Sitting on the floor of the garden of Casa de S. José in Albarraque, the bride and groom talking in a pose for the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

Sometimes I have those discussions between me and my photography about the color and the black and white photo. It is not a great conflict because my tendency for black and white photos is very biased and, sometimes, when I need to resolve when the color gives me some trouble.

I explain. When I am photographing I come across problems that deserve a fast solution. What is the best framing, inside that framing what is the best composition e what is the right moment to press the camera shutter button? When framing I decide what part of the scene, in front of me, I will choose to put inside the viewfinder of the camera.

After that, I need to decide how I will compose that, which lens to use, from what point of view, which angle will give more authenticity if the scene contains joy, emotion, satisfaction, or restraint, and from where the light is the right light, that mysterious click that will transform that stream of decisions in a beautiful photo. At least it is the best wish of the wedding photographer.

But it is not as easy as the last paragraph may show. That desired harmony sometimes does not work. The colors inside do not agree with each other to appeal to the senses of the viewer. Sometimes, the color, better, colors fight each other for the protagonist and the result of that competition is a complete cacophony of colors that make us look elsewhere. So the solution is asking for the help of the black and white and that fight, with the parts of the photo, give us a beautiful all that makes us happy to observe.

With that method, one by one, I edited the photos from the wedding of Susana and Edgar with a ceremony at the church of S. Pedro de Penaferrin, in Sintra, and the party in Casa de S. José. During the day I was deciding the best framing and compositions and in the calm of my computer desk, as if every photo was a song and I was a music arranger, I was observing and deciding if the color of black and white to better preserve the essence of each photo.

I know that Susana and Edgar loved my decisions and they realize that the wedding photographer is a bit more than just pressing a button of a camera during the wedding day and I wish them, for their life, the same kind of harmony that I what in my photos.

Wrapped in blurs, the bride's face during the hairstyle, as if she was between clouds.
The bride in a mirror, with the hairdresser taking care of her hair.
View of the hairdresser's space with the bride being combed in the background.
The bride's face dressed in red and the hairdresser's hands.
Bride, seen in profile getting her hair done, with a blurred face to the side.
The groom's belt and tie.
Groom tightening his belt.
Seen through an opening of light, the groom buttons his suit vest for the wedding.
Groom's hands tightening his belt.
The groom making the bow tie.
The groom wearing the coat of the wedding apparel.
After dressed, a portrait of the new looking down.
Through the opening of a door, the groom in a black and white portrait, smiling ahead.
Among blurred objects, the groom smiles looking to the left.
Makeup artist's hand on the bride's face, painting her eyes.
A friend of the bride looks at the bride getting her make-up done, with the make-up artist.
The bride's dress hanging near a window.
The bride's shoes on the floor, next to a part of the wedding dress.
The bride's bouquet on black background.
The wedding rings on a fabric rose, next to the bride's bouquet.
The bride, helped by her mother, adjusts the veil held in her hair.
Now that she is ready, the bride, standing, sees herself in the mirror.
The bride poses for someone who takes her picture.
By a window, the bride had a final touch of her lips.
Two female friends putting on the bride's shoes, with her holding the veil by the hand.
The bride's shoes, footwear, between a wedding dress opening.
The bride with two wedding guests taking a selfie.
The bride, smiling, in front of women in her family.
The bride with a girl as she walks down the stairs from the house to the street.
A friend of the bride holds her veil as she gets into her car to go to the ceremony.
The groom, by the altar of the church of S. Pedro de Penaferrim, waits for the bride.
The bride, at the door of the Church of S. Pedro de Penaferrim, with her father and children in front.
The moment when the bride enters the church of S. Pedro de Penaferrim with her father.
The couple, side by side, smiling towards the altar of the Church of S. Pedro de Penaferrim.
The bride and groom are seated in front of the altar, with the bride looking up.
The groom looking ahead.
Bride and groom, sitting and holding hands, at the wedding ceremony, looking to where the priest will be.
Bride and groom in front of the priest at the beginning of the wedding ceremony.
Among blurred objects, the groom's face listening to the priest in the homily.
Leaving the church, at a party, by the bride and groom greeted by the guests.
The bride receiving greetings from a guest as she leaves the church.
The bride smiles at the wedding photographer through a car window.
The groom, in the car, through the windowpane.
Photographs of the bride and groom's families, hanging in the decoration of the wedding party.
A rectangle with a decorative message, at Casa de S. José in Albarraque.
Flowers and decorative objects for the wedding, on a table at Casa de S. José in Albarraque.
Flowers in a glass cup.
Guests at the wedding at a table in the garden of Casa de S. José.
The bride with two dolls in her hands, being photographed by two wedding guests.
With a boy next to her, the bride looking at someone out of the picture.
A friend hugs the groom at the wedding meal table, with the bride looking down at them.
The couple, in the photo session with the wedding photographer, between cloths and pillars of Casa de S. José.
The bride sitting on a bench in the garden, with the groom standing beside her.
Groom, leaning against a pillar of the Casa de S. José in Albarraque, hands in his trouser pockets.
Bride leaning against the groom, and holding hands, next to a table and a palm tree in the background.
Portrait of the groom, with a red light in the background.
The groom, from behind, with his face close to that of the bride who caresses him.
Among tall flowers in the garden of Casa de S. José, the bride and groom look at each other.
The bride and groom, showing each other their rings, joining hands.
The groom converses with a wedding guest, who is seated at the table.
The bride distributes gifts to the guests.
With two girls running around them, the couple opens the ball for the wedding reception.
The bride and groom dance with their guests at Casal de S. José in Albarraque.
The bride is thrown into the air by her friends at the wedding feast.
The bride and groom kiss while, seated, they watch a movie about them.
Bride, with a girl on her lap, among the guests in a circle, dancing.
The bride and groom cutting the wedding cake, with guests holding luminous sticks in hand.
The newlywed couple, dancing hand in hand.
Among the blurred decorative objects on the table, the bride in conversation with the groom.

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