How I love this photo


Even if I think that my work, as a wedding photographer, is often positive, if I want to be modest, or pretty good, if I want to be vain, there are some photos that deserve my attention in a very personal choice as the photos I like. That is one of them.

As you can see, after all the archive in this blog, my method as a photographer, at events, can be formatted in that box, because we like put the things together in boxes, of the wedding photojournalism, which mean that we are photographing the performers of the day, like the jazz musicians, improvising as if the wedding day was a music tab.

Today I chose these photos. Normal, but well done, if we think that is one more bride at makeup, but special when I tell you that the make-up artist is her sister. That is why all  Marias’s faces shine and the concentration of the sister seems a painter finishing a portrait for the exhibition in the most important gallery in the world. And it is. Maria will be in the presence of Duarte on such an important day that they elected me to give it memory. For now this photo. The rest will come as a story to show how it was.

Texto e foto: Fernando Colaço


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