How much I love those two photos

Those are two photos that I love very much. One of the things I try harder, as wedding photographer, it is to maintain the truth of the event. However it is not easy to do. When you use a media to capture, everything gain another essence and as a copy the subject captured can not have that reality anymore. The result in that form of copy it is called photography.

The cinema lovers know that they use a lot of visual technics to give more dramatic force to action. Sometimes a little difference in angle of the point of view the same scene may result in o more comic, tragic or even terror in the eyes and mind of the viewer. But a wedding cover, just because it is not a staged event, must not have that directed intention to other interpretation.

So I get back to the question. How can we do not alter the truth of the event if we leave to the style of the wedding photographer all the reading of the day? In my opinion we always do. We use cameras that transform the three-dimensional reality in a two dimensionam one. We decide to make that copy with the way the light achieve the sensor of the camera, we decide what kind of lens will write that scene and that can give us a notion of space, we can decide if we photograph near or far from the scene, etc. But with the notion of that, we, the photographers, can use that transformation to highlight, to bring the real importance and with that we are giving the best truth to the copy we are doing. So, the wedding photographer must use all those distortions to bring to the front the main event in that capture.

Those two photos, that I like very much from Filipa, only apparently are from Filipa. We may not know who are all other characters, unfocused, in the back, in a confused melt but we know that they are important to the main character. They give her, at the same time, emocional support and an affection that project in every of them. The look to the father before the last travel or submerged by those that love her, transformed by the lens of the wedding photographer in almost clouds in a windy day, we know that Filipa is not alone, she love and have return and we can see that the form I chose to capture respect profoundly the truth of those moments.

That is why I love those two photos, as a viewer and as a wedding photographer.


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