How the photographer compose a photo in a pregnancy session


Composing or how to show in love inside a photo. One of the things I need to know, when I am going to photograph a couple, is how they know how to intertwine to create compositions with their bodies interacting with the surrounding space and built a harmonious behavior.

They exist mathematics and geometries that can exemplify the several ways to compose an image. It woks for photography, painting and cinema. Since renaissance it is used, but the wedding photographer does not have the time necessary to make previous studies, as the classic painters had, so he must bring to help him all the knowledge and experience already achieved and, very important, a sense of intuition that give him some sort of speed, which is an order, and bring to us, in the form of photos, those affections .

I may say that it is my beloved exercise. I like, without some special effort, the exercise of composing and, specially, when pressed by the need to slip over the time that do not want to give me more time. If I need to think too much about the most what I can find it is to complicate the process and never achieved the most simple solution, or the obvious, that I need for what I have in the front of me, to photograph. Exercise forced, and taught, by the method of the wedding photographer…always without time.

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