How the photographer notice the bride and groom entering in the dining room at the wedding


Even if it is one of the moments of the day that need some mise en scene, the entering in the meal room,  by the bride and the groom, the movement combination ends at the moment they start to feel the energy when the people, in the room selected by them, start to tell them they are welcome and they, the guests, are very happy to be there.

It is one of those moments that may put the wedding photographer in some sort of panic because he can lose control and the notion of how and where the couple will gonna pass between tables and chairs as if the room was a dense forest and the photographer may need some superpowers to be in the right point of view, to photos that reflect the energy and love in that space.

I must say, I love improvisation. I think it is the magnet that attracts me to wedding photography. Of course, I know, from wedding to wedding, how things go with some exactitude. But even if we know how a flock of school kids in general behave, we never guess the exact combination of the day in the schoolyard. That gives the wedding photographer a special boost to come back every time.

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