How the photographer sees what he see, at a wedding


Well, it is obvious that the wedding photographers does not do this because some sort of mania or only by chance. This photos that I show, as if I was passing through the door, or window, and saw the bride in the preparation stage, or ready, were done before as been photographed. That is just a part of the approach of the wedding photographer to the cover of the wedding. Go out of the stage and, after, try to find different angles and points of view to photograph and being, really, outside.

Because I do not have a Super Man vision, neither my cameras, I can not not see through the walls, so I try to take advantage of the doors small apertures, windows alf closed or some sort of weird mirrors. I must say that those solutions, usually, are one of my best friends, giving me results impossible to achieve in other ways. What is important is that photography happens.

I use to use an expression I l ove very much. Dress a photo. That is what I am trying to do with all this peeking. Finding elements in the surroundings of my main subjects, the bride, groom and all at the stage and use them to dress this characters. That is the first thing I do, when I enter on that places. With that achieved, the wedding photographer, now, ask for the wisdom of his lens and the technique of his cameras to help him to compose and transform those peeking in clothes as if they were made by the masters of high fashion.

Bride viewed by a small door aperture, almost as a silhouette, when ready to go for the ceremony.
Bride seated after get dressed and ready for the departure for the wedding ceremony.
Bride smiling involved with unfocused,  in the departure for the wedding.

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