After making up and combing, hands place the veil in the form of a net in the bride's hair, by the wedding photographer in Algarve.

How the photographer takes pictures, even at a wedding


After making up and combing, hands place the veil in the form of a net in the bride's hair, by the wedding photographer in Algarve.

  Take a picture. What you have been doing? I was there taking photos. Look, do you remember when we took those photos? You looked so good in the photos we took that day. We, all the time, hear those expressions.

It seems that we do not do photos, we take them. It seems that something is in a place, and at a certain time we take it with us to another place and for all time, the coming one that is constantly becoming present as soon as we meet it again in the form of a photograph that we took and brought to here and to all places where we want to have and see it. There is a fascination with photos that surpasses the painting or the sculpture when used as a representation of something, in space and in time.

   Maybe it is the fastness with it that can be done. We can divide the parts of a second into many and use one of them to take a photograph. It seems that this fastness makes the photographed object, an apple or a person, not even realize that we took from her a bit of his time and space and we kept it for when we want to take advantage.

Remember when I need to be vaccinated by a trained specialist and it is already done? I did not even notice. (Well….). It is like this, the photography, at least the way I see it and I do it, or better, I take it. After all these years of taking those little pieces out of so many things and so many people, I am absolutely sure that it works like this.

Forget the books, the theories, and the laws of physics that allow how a photo to become a photo because, now, it is written in black and white that photography only happens because there are some machines with lenses attached that, without any sort of pain, take a little piece of space and time, transform and show them in a different manner as they where an alchemist pot and they will stay forever, like photos.

   Take it and grab it. I think that is the essence of photography. That is why there are couples that are going to get married and invite me to take big amounts of little pieces from them, from the places where they will be, from those that will be with them all day and, without causing any damage, I will deliver them with different forms and colors, or just white and grey.

Later, they will take them to the future for, here and there, remember that present eternal moment as it was seen by the wedding photographer and printed on a sheet of paper to assure that all the presents, that anticipate all the futures, will have those photos available to their eyes and those who want to see them, for all eternity. J

ust be gentle with the excess imagination of the fingers of the photographer over the keyboard, left a bit on the loose because the wedding photographer, more used to having them over the shutter bottom of his cameras, was a bit distracted and let this happen. But…really, it happens like this, for sure.

The bride, smiling, as she is having her hair done, seen through the glass doors of the hotel room's balcony, where she is getting ready for her wedding.
The bride's face seen in a small mirror on a table as she was getting ready for her wedding day.
Even before she is dressed, but already combed and made up, a hand adjusts the net veil over the bride's eyes.

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