Imagined movie at the wedding day


Maybe, inside this wedding photographer, an imaginary desire of being a movie director that will take him to exercise points of view to tell a story without a writing screen story and sound. Without writing because we never guess what those characters, that fulfill the wedding day plateau, will do in the next moment.

Without sound, as the first day’s movies stories, to give us the possibility of fill, with the imagination, by the bright eye, by the smiles or by the introspection moments, yes they exist even if it is not a movie about the inner soul, and guess the dialogues that only will be memories in those who lived them.

Because, really, I am not a cineast, as a wedding photographer I can assume that the cinema shows me how important it is my work to fill the empty memory gaps on those who lived the intense moments of the day. The photos will help to remember. Because of that, I must be a wedding photographer.

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