In dance with the photographer, at a wedding


Wedding photographers and wedding parties are something that was made for each other. There is part of the wedding day that can be very different from wedding to wedding. Despite all these years of photographing weddings, I can not understand the reason for all this difference. If by statistics, we can think that four groups of one hundred and twenty persons each, can behave exactly the same, the scholar could not be more mistaken. The wedding photographer is a witness that never happens.

That is, also, true that the groups are, we may say, infected with some of the inner elements. When we do not find in the group those that are the motor to push everybody with them, the party does never happen. But if they are inside it, does not need to be so much, all the energy of the space change completely and everybody are able to do what they were there for. When the party is not quite a full party, the wedding photographer must challenge himself more, because he does not have around him all those fountains with fresh water to bring on a thirsty day. But, of course, he will find his way as he always does.

But, I must say, when I hear the music begin and everybody is there to jump at the same time and tap my foot with energy and rhythm, I am a happy person, because the wedding photographer’s cameras will be full of photos, for sure. I feel that all the fountains I wrote about, above, will overflow with fresh water all night to quench the thirst of the dancers unwilling to stop. I, with my tools in my hands, go through that dancing forest everywhere and I discover the shy, the boldest, those that stop the others by amazement, those that defy as if dancing was a contest for the best and, even, those that just are on their own beat but, not even close, have less fun. It is true that, after some time, they will stop ahead, because, even, the wedding photographer can take losing such an amount of energy. The great difference between us is that I bring them all with me.

Bride in the front of a wedding guest dancing.
Bride and wedding guests dancing in a choreography.
Woman wedding guest dancing while the others where watching her.
Bride near the wedding guests showing fun.
A wedding guest when was dancing an African traditional dance.
A women wedding guest in a dancing moment.

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