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Others spaces to the photographer in a wedding

CORDIALITY by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Getting advantage of the spaces available in the place of the wedding venue is an option that we can not let go. But, of course, that place it not for our only and complete use. The wedding photographer must respect all those wandering with in their own lives and they,… Read more »

Peeking for moments by the photographer in a wedding

WHAT PEOPLE DO by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Because I read too much in English, sometimes, I can not find those words in Portuguese that the English people have, when they speak their language, that are perfect to the ideia. I go to the dictionary and what I find does help for what I need to… Read more »

There is always time to photograph, even if the photographer has no time, before the wedding ceremony

PAMPERING by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  It is almost done. Those are the final pampering just before to leave to the ceremony. Everything is never completely ready at this final touches with the bride. The wedding photographer, also, must find some time to pumper, photographically with portraits, a bride already with fringe nerves, see if nothing… Read more »

Completing the puzzle by the photographer, even if in a wedding ceremony

THEN, IS NOT YET? by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  I do not want to show an exhaustive number of photos of the wedding and just  find some that are enough to describe the process and able to show the state of mind of the presents in the ritual. I found some photos from a wedding that… Read more »

The harmony of the pieces, in a wedding, for the joy of the photographer

HARMONIZING by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  After let the groom ready to the ceremony, in a while, my passage with the bride start and, also there, the wedding photographer find some moments that fill the viewfinder of his cameras without having to work hard for it. I am thrilled by the way I see people interacting… Read more »

Brides, hairdressers and the photographer’s frenzy in the preparation for the wedding

THE TRANSFORMATION by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  The bride at the hairdresser is always a great subject to any wedding photographer. For several reasons. Because they are curious people and they love to explore all the possibilities of the points of view and, also, because they still have time to explore, and they like to try… Read more »

Information and style of a photographer for a wedding

BUILDING YOURSELF by the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER What are the processes, in the wedding day, that the wedding photographers must have in the building of the action. Because the wedding photography, from some time ago, is almost similar to the documentary photography we see in journalism, we can not direct the elements of the day because… Read more »

The photographer and color decisions in a wedding photography

THE BLACK AND WHITE OF THE COLOR by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  I already, once in a while, wrote about my option for the black and white. The wedding photographers have, each one, an aesthetic option relatively to the color, beyond the approach and composition differences, which what draws the most attention, the calmest form or… Read more »