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The search of the photo subject by the photographer in a wedding

WHAT EVERY PHOTO IS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Hands. Hands verifying if what must be well done, to deliver the groom to the altar waiting for his bride, it is and, also, his bride will have hands taking care of her. Hand that hold and let to communicate. Hands, from the wedding photographer, not presents… Read more »

The hands of the photographer and the others in the baptism

FROM HANDS TO HANDS by THE BAPTISM PHOTOGRAPHER  Hands. They have been honored in poems, songs and, so many, in photos. All hands are different from shape to character. There are hands to hold, hands to caress, hands to take and hands to bring, hands to give and others to receive. Sometimes, I see myself… Read more »

Observing and framing in wedding photography

THE BEAUTY OF FRAMING by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I used to say, when I am talking about my work, that, in the wedding day, I spend my time transforming the caos in harmony. When the wedding photographer move trough the several spaces where the wedding things are happening, we may not find the best harmonious… Read more »

The special moment of the wedding

THIS IS THE RIGHT MOMENT by THE WEDDING PHOTGRAPHER This is the moment for what everything flowed before and all the celebration after that. I could find several examples but Nelson defeated all the competitors with that smile, I will never forget it, completely full of feeling as if, in that moment, everything that matter… Read more »

The other characters of the wedding

NOT ONLY THE BRIDE AND GROOM with THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER They are, also, there. They are the main reason. The guests of the couple will witness that those two persons will compromise in a ceremonial act, in a chosen place and appropriate to the act. They, with love, family connection or other bonds, like heralds… Read more »

The wedding day and the between moments

CONNECTION POINTS and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Connection movements. The wedding day is a day of spaces, locations. And at each space, with the main characters, of the wedding day, have the function to transform, and prepare, to the main moment, the ceremony, and the celebration. In home, as it is usually, or in other space… Read more »

Metamorphosing the bride in the get ready

TRANSFORMATION WITNESS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER The bride get ready or the metamorphosis. It is funny that something we do for living can change us and  even if it is only about several minutes. As wedding photographer, I am present during the transformation process of the brides and, with sincerity, it one of the parts… Read more »