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The photographer without rest, at weddings

IRREPETIBLE by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER When I started photographing weddings and decided that was the new path for my photographer profession, I asked myself a question, because I know me. Do I will have the patience for doing every the same thing, after some time? This thing of the weddings is always the same… Read more »

The wedding photographer and the year that made him miss, a lot

THE YEAR THAT WAS NOT AND THE LACK THAT MADE ME FEEL by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER For about 33 years as a photographer, living from that, I already passed through success moments, of breaking, changing direction but never, I repeat, never felt the taste of zero. Zero in the amount of work, zero in the… Read more »

The photographer at the end of the wedding party

AND NOW…LET´S GO by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  After everything, here comes the dance. In that floor that was waiting for everybody with excitation, as everybody knows, it is the first dance of the couple, with a wedding photographer around, that opens the real party with DJ serving that dance music until the last of the… Read more »

The photographer, the bride and groom and the desire to photograph weddings at the covid19 days

WHEN YOU WANT, EVERYTHING IS ACHIEVED by the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Used to have a great ability to react with the unusual situations during a wedding day, where I am wedding photographer, I did not expected such imperative request from my cameras and lens, as I described in older posts. After the affliction to find my… Read more »

The photographer, the lockdown because of a virus, the groom and the desire to photograph weddings

THERE IS ALWYS A GROOM by the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER In the answer of the appeal of my photographic cameras and lens, tired to be waiting for action and prevented from letting go their joy near brides, grooms, guests, in churches or venues and in the fast moments of come and go that so much make… Read more »