Guests preparing to a photo in the front of the wedding photographer in Quinta do Castro in Cadaval.

In sequence for the photographer, in a wedding at Quinta do Castro


Guests preparing to a photo in the front of the wedding photographer in Quinta do Castro in Cadaval.

The wedding photographers can testify that friends have those things, they are unable to be apart from each other and are very jealous when they find, some of them, being treated specially in some happening, with a great amount of joy. Sometimes they are is the cause of jealousy. Yes, we can find people like this, even at weddings.

From a certain part of the party, the spirits over animate, the unexpected reactions happen at light speed and the wedding photographer must be ready for all those moments. He just needs to have very trained eyes and, at the same time, he has one eye on the camera, with the other discovering something happening,  where someone is beginning something that we never know how it ends. So, here he goes.

Then, there are sequences like this one. A half dozen of them join together and a photo happens. Suddenly, the jealous ones notice that I could never understand who warns them and start a race and behave like long jumpers, afraid not to be the first or, even, arriving in time. Of course, the wedding photographer will not lose one single photo until, finally, all of them are in the place where they belong, together, noisy and happy. After all, this is very good jealousy and must be part of them forever, either in photography or in life.

Happy group running for a photo in a wedding.
Large group of guests in great joy getting ready for a wedding photo.

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