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The other cerimonies for photos in the wedding

THE DIFFERENCE THAT IS NOT by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  What is important to capture in the fast civil wedding ceremony? To the wedding photographer, there is a great difference between a wedding ceremony in church or in a venue, with the state representative. In the church, the photographer have time to experiment different solutions that… Read more »

The moment of the photographer

WALKING by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Statement: I just love to photograph the couple in the wedding day. As I repeated here more then once, it was what propelled me to photograph weddings. It seems, even if I imagine that all the photographic wedding process until there was a  sacrifice, it is not, it was worth… Read more »

Photos on the loose

PHOTOS THAT CAN TRICK US and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER The enigma. There are some photos that may mislead us in their explanation. What could be the difference between an emotion that we want not to show or just a climate reaction, a bug that bother in the hot afternoon or just a between expression that was… Read more »

The always prepared wedding photographer

THE UNEXPECTED and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER The unexpected. The unexpected is the best condiment to wedding photographer that like to be. How many times the photo is perfectly ready to be, the framing is lit should, the light come from the right angle and, in the last moment, our main subject, from that well prepared… Read more »

One reason to photograph

THE SENSE and the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Feeling, when we see a photo from someone, that some sort of reason, a sense that justify why it was done, a warranty  for the existence of that photo. We can photograph someone, specially in an important public act, and do everything as it should be done.  Composition, light,… Read more »

Mirrors and brides

MIRROR, MY MIRROR and THE  WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER The mirror or the other side of the imagination. I have a fascination, almost maniac, by mirrors and when I enter in the place where the bride, or the groom, is getting ready, and just needing that the wedding photographer start to catch the stories, if I do… Read more »

Taking care of the bride

ONCE MORE, THE MOMENT with THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Once more, a moment with women. And about things that only they understand, things that only they can care about. The mother attention ensuring that her daughter will be glamorous and without faults when she appear to her almost wanted husband in ceremony a few minutes to… Read more »

The joy of transformation in photography

THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER AND THE WOMEN WORLD Being wedding photographer and a man I am always fascinated with the bride get ready, usually surrounded by women in …women moments. This thing about pulled, twisted, heated, sculpted hair and all type of sacrifice with so great joy, I can find that it is something that make… Read more »

Fun time at the wedding

PARTIES AT THE WEDDING PARTY We can divide the wedding day with several stages. The get ready, ceremony, gathering, the photo session, the meal and…the party. The party time should be the most dynamic stage of the day. But…well, not quite. We have full party, alf party, it seems we are in a party and… Read more »