Baby girl to be baptized seated at the mother lap, by the baptism photographer in Lisbon.

In the baptism, the photographer and the child


Baby girl to be baptized seated at the mother lap, by the baptism photographer in Lisbon.

Even if I know that photographing a baptism, to me, is the same thing as photographing a wedding I know that there is an element that must put me, all the time, in a state of alert. The baby or the child is the hero of the day, which does not care about the photographer, all the time around him with some dark stuff, in front of his face.

They change the mood with the fastness of the light coming from a faraway star, the laugh and the cry happen as the normal state of mind reacting to the aunt or granny’s lap, to the pricking kiss of the grandad or to the cousin that treats him like a teddy bear until the mother come to rescue him and put the things in order, again.

The photographer of the baptism must react to all of this, and as I already wrote here, take advantage of the intervals, and, even with all of that, he is afraid that those photos of the cute baby, just can not possibly happen. Imagine cooking a cake with constant doubt if you are, really, following correctly the recipe.

But, it seems, even with all those things that the poor children are subjected to, they know that I am there for them and I will give them, one day, all the memories of this day, that they will never know about if not the photographer’s work. So, in those intervals, they, the children to baptize, offer me all the beautiful smiles, so fast that only my cameras are able to find and catch them.

After all, I could not have better friends, on a baptism day, and have another life better than photographing these children to give them the memory of a faraway future. I can assure you that.

Little girl seated in the lap of her mother near her father and godparents.
Baby ready to be baptized looking direct for the photographer camera
Blessing gestures during the baptism of a baby girl.

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