In the hermitage the photographer has people from the wedding


I wrote, some time ago, about the difference between big churches and small churches. The photos of that post were from a Basilica very well known in Mafra. In that place, of religious ceremonies, we feel so small and all that enormous inside involve us as if, suddenly, was in the universe, itself, where we just entered. Of course, it is always a good subject, itself, for the wedding photographer who takes advantage to use all the possible points of view that the place offers to him.

But, in a small hermitage that, usually, there are no more than four white walls, very small, with an altar stripped of vanities, the wedding photographer does not have so much to offer to his lens and them does not give him back with photos, to be present for gluttony eyes. So, I need to change priorities and fulfill, I may say, the void that the big churches have too much. This could let me without alternative, or maybe not.

Maybe not, because the wedding photographer is there, especially, to photograph the story of the day and the day is a day of people. So, he points his lens for the persons inside and verifies, at once, that there will be nothing missing for him doing his job well, in the chapel. From the entrance of the groom and the bride, the quieting everyone, the chairs that will leave many outside, the attention of the wedding couple to the priest homily, or, even, the bouquet of the bride quietly sleeping on the bench are privileged objects of the wedding photographer attention. So, with that, nothing is missing from the big puzzle that will be concluded in photos. As you can see, does not matter where the wedding ceremony takes place.

Father and daughter bride entering the hermitage door, for the wedding ceremony.
The father plays with the bride, when delivering her to the groom, at the altar of the chapel for the wedding.
Mother of the bride with flowers on her hair, sitting during the wedding ceremony.
Bride paying attention to what the priest says at the wedding ceremony.
The couple seated, listening to the priest with his wedding homily.
Bride says a joke to the groom during the wedding ceremony.
Bride's hand, while signing the wedding book after the ceremony
The bride's bouquet on a church pew.

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