In the wedding the groom and those who help him, viewed by the photographer


When we are in finishing the process before to go to the bride, we have a very busy groom. Usually we do not find with the groom the same amount of people that we have with the bride. That is why the wedding photographer must use his imagination to turn the process, also, photographable and interesting. The technics and the improvisations are not so different, but more synthesized.

Because the groom is more self made man, who is with him does not need to work so hard. Of course there are those moments that some help is very welcome and, when needed, we find someone to assure that, because being near it is a very good help. I believe so and I show that in my photos from those moments.

That is a fact that everything motivate the wedding photographer. Who does it, who help him and those that just observe and wait for the moment to give a hand if needed. I just need to be aware and there is always a way to use all the present elements, as if they where characters of a tale that will be told one day. That is all, being aware.


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