Information and style of a photographer for a wedding


What are the processes, in the wedding day, that the wedding photographers must have in the building of the action. Because the wedding photography, from some time ago, is almost similar to the documentary photography we see in journalism, we can not direct the elements of the day because they are characters in perfect state of improvisation. So, the imagination must be the main factor to help them to find the best solution to approach the action.

The wedding photographer must be very open to find that solutions, because he have no power at all in the action of the day and he must to adapt himself to the spaces and with the happenings. If he choose a close up he must know what is important, in that moment, in the way to inform that photo with his own identity.  If he choose for a wide lens he need to know exactly how he deliver all the elements inside with the harmony and the story inside or if he just wait for the expected moment he believe will happens.

That is what built is own identity. What we call style. Every wedding photographers have his own style. The reason why they have it it is, maybe, more complex to detect. First he must have a great ability to observe and react fast and, fundamentally, a strong notion of the aesthetic he want to dress that catch as a final result. I think I am not different from that and, of course, I think I have my own style as wedding photographer. But, at the end, only the viewer and possible interested can do the judgment. If it is the case, count on me.

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