Notes for the bride

 The wedding day is the end of a long process of preparation from a couple who decide, in a chosen date, do the very famous “yes”.

 From my experience, since I enter in the process relatively early, I notice that with the approach of the day the bride and groom begin to feel the nervous, a repressed stress, which ends with the end of the ceremony, religious  or not. At that point everybody do a big breath and all the joy take place in the atmosphere.

 However if all the precautions are made  the preparation process  can be very relaxes and serene.

 Dealing with the important issues in time until the wedding day

 Usually, when a couple decide the day of their marriage, 4 importante issues must be taken:

 -The kind of the ceremony: civil or religious

-The place of the ceremony

– The place of the party/celebration

-The Wedding Photographer

 What is the kind or the Ceremony

 After the chosen ceremony, begin the process of the chosen of the place.

If Religious, the Temple of your believe must be chosen by:

 -The connection you have with the place. If one or the two members of the couple have special connection with some Church. Because is the Church of the home place, because one of you was there baptized or, for example, the parents married there.

 – If there is a Esthetic feel with the church. If the Church is, for you, a nice place to receive your family and guests.

 – Or for a practical reason: the Church is placed near the wedding venue you chose.

 If civil, usual is celebrated at the same place of the party.

 Here,  I would like to see a inversion of the priorities from the the Bride and Groom: choose the Wedding Photographer before the venue.

The Wedding Photographer can give you some advices about the best conditions of the venue to be, at the same time, good for the party and for the Wedding Photography.

 The venue must be agreeable to the eye, comfortable for your guests, with good catering service and, very important, must be a nice place as a Wedding Photography scenery. Remember that the Photography lives from the atmosphere in place. So if you do not take this as one of the important points to think about your Wedding memories may not have the same beauty than others.

 So when choosing the venue you must think about:

 – Place for the meal: choose a place with the space needed to accommodate all your guests with free space between them in a way to preserve and  promote the conviviality between then. The decoration must be beautiful , with the theme of your choice and, at the same time, as good as a Photographic scenery.

 -The space conviviality after the meal is very important because one of the most important things of the wedding day is the family and friends reunion and they must have nice and comfortable space to move around and socialize.

 -When visiting the space verify if the place have nice places to photograph the couple and to do the formals.

Remember, this day never come again and the memory come from the Wedding Photographs  taken all day and, specially, the Photos of the couple. A venue with nice gardens and full decorated outsides are very good choices.

 About the preparation of the Wedding day

 As a Wedding Photographer, one of the most important wishes I have is to guaranty my clients always be beautiful at my Wedding Photos, specially the Bride and Groom and, some times, they do not have the notion of the importance of some details.

 When we see, at the fashion magazines, those beautiful photos of the lovely models, nice skin tones with awesome light results we forget that no one contract a model with no natural skin tone.

Go out 15 days at the beach and photograph a session is something that simply not happens.

The other important detail is the make up, but make up for Wedding Photography. Remember that you are being photographed all day.

 So the first advice is not, never,  catch hard sun light, at least, 15 days before the wedding day and never at point to burn the skin and, after, the consequence is very bad skin tone with stains very difficult to resolve with make up.

 Ask your Wedding Photographer what kind of make up he advise or choose a make up artist with knowledge for make up for Photography. A good Wedding Photographer  knows how to advise you for the kind of make up and because they always want beautiful faces in the front of theirs cameras sure they can help you.

 Sometimes, even doing a good make up, not every make up artist knows how to do it for photography and if it is the case choose this rule: always soft skin tone, to not shine to much with the lights, and if your skin face is a bit browned by the sun choose one or two tones more lighter because, that way, your face irradiate light and is better for the photos. After that, a simple eyes and lips work complete the job for a nice and beautiful face.

 With the hair is another issue. If you have a strong hair which resist well to the wind and the pass of the day you can be more freely with the choice but never bring the hair to your face. Let the face shine and use the as a frame. But if you have thin hair is better to choose a catch hairstyle because it is more resistant to the wether and the pass of the time.

 Other important thing is to find a nice combination between the hair and the make up. If it is not your natural skin tone avoid dark the skin if you have dark hair. The look is to become, in the Photos, too dark and the face does not show as it should.

 Delegation of tasks

 Give to some one you trust the small things you gonna need for the day: who carry the rings, the flowers, etc.

 You do not must go worried about details. You should go only nervous because the ceremony and that is normal. You should go married and the others do the things needed. It is very important to carry a normal and comfortable pair of shoes. The day is long and new shoes are not the most comfortable. If, at the party, a bride show a pair of tennis shoes under the dress is nice to see.

 The day until the ceremony is long and doing the lots of things in the list day can be tiring even before the important things. So you must eat but avoid sugar drinks and sugar food because with time they increase the need of more liquids and more food. The Wedding Photographer lens do not like the Bride and Groom, at the ceremony, with thirst and hunger. Does not give them nice faces.

How to find your Wedding Photographer

Most of the services from the other providers, for the wedding, end at the same day. The beautiful decor, the taste of the food, the invite to dance from the DJ all this became a memory after a good night sleep.

But the work of the Photographer give you back all this things for all your life. So it is a very important choice and you must have to deal with this very careful. Here some advices:

Today at the Internet you have lot´s of offers from those providers and, at the sites and blogs, you can find very different kinds of work as for the approach or for the Photographic result. So you need some criteria to begin to choose:

I have a fantastic word for all the steps until the final choice: Empathy.

Empathy with the images at the sites.

Empathy with the photographer at the meeting.

Empathy with the final result of the Photography.

 For the final choice you may need to be alert with other things for choosing your Wedding Photographer:

 After the selection at Internet you need to contact them and try to find some details: If he is available for your Wedding day, in general how is his approach, the values of the packages, etc.

 I believe that the quality of the work of the Photographer must be the first point for contact. But do not mis quality with style because two very good wedding photographers can provide very different style results. It is easy to find bad photographic work but between two styles sometimes you need to use, again, the empathy word to find it.

 See what is the cover style of the Photographer. A more classic approach based at the portrait and pose or another one more free, letting the wedding happening and photographing without interfering with the couple and invited. This is Wedding Photojournalism.

Each method is good and just need to be well done.

After recovering all this information you must schedule a meeting.

 There you must confirm if the Wedding Photography is really as you have found at the Internet.

You must ask to see a all working day wedding cover. It is easy to show some good Photos and the final and total work became very poor. Do not see wedding compilations. Ask a complete wedding work.

 Today Wedding Albums are the most interesting ways to show the wedding day. It is possible to tell the story of the day and by a beautiful design. Do not let the design became superior to the Photographic work. The Photos must be the album body of work.

 The wedding photographer stay with the couple all day, more than other person, and it is needed a great agreement of well being between them. So a nice person at the same time as a nice photographer is the best to find, but as everybody knows a nice person can be a nasty photographer and a nasty person can be a genius. That ´s your time to choose what is best for you. 

 The price, sometimes, is very psychological way to choose: High prices can (should) be the indication of very good work and this is not a norm, and someone with low prices does not mean he is a bad photographer. Let the work talk and find if this agree with your budget and taste.

Texto e Fotos: Fernando Colaço 

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