Inside a photo


This is a relatively trivial photo and never a couple finding a wedding photographer will contact someone who did it. However, inside this real space it is, now, a two-dimension memory we can find actions, emotions, and shares that point to this photo.

Sometimes the wedding photographer finds some content, from that moment he selected to shoot when he sees the image for the first time. When editing, his memory and the eyes in the display of the computer, perceive the importance of the photo, even if it is not a prize-winning photo.

The groom’s godfather speaks and thanks everyone for being there. His sense of humor was huge but not noticed in the photo, but we can see the smiles, the attention, and gladness for being there. That satisfaction comes with the fact that all of them, parents, brothers, aunts, friends, and kids built that space, loaded chairs, tablecloths, lights ( that could be a bit brighter for the wedding photographer), and some food. The photo represents the time for sharing because everything that has been shared in the name of love, that everyone had for them, and now they return by the voice of the godfather. This photo is a moment of share and this wedding photographer is very happy to have done it.

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