It is, also, a wedding photo in Sintra


Sometimes a photo just appears to us, as a hazard. It is not, usually, the job of the wedding photographer to look at the landscape, even if surrounding the event, and transform that into an important subject of the wedding day. It is, also, not normal that the photographer walks through the event searching the missing couple, and finds them, at dawn, seated at the palace stairs, in the front, looking at the castle on the hill of their childhood, surrounded by the famous Sintra fog.

It is the responsibility of the wedding photographer to tell the story and just photograph the couple, João and Ulrica, break in the dawn and, as it is in the movies, just show that serenity after the party excitation. But the cut of the Mouros Castle in Sintra kissed by the fog over 3 am in the morning was a great issue, as it was for the bride and groom.

That is why this photo is from a wedding photographer. Of course, it is needed to be fit in the process and that is why the black and white photo is posted, also. In the end, the important is that the photographed place has a connection with the event at some moment and with the couple by life. The wedding photographer just needs to be aware.

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