It is, also, a wedding photography


Family. Could be the name, or the theme, of that photo. The wedding day is, especially, a family gathering, or, better, families. We have two families that will become one. This photo could not be a better example. Son-in-law dancing with the mother of the bride and the bride with her father. It could be the opposite that will be the same. These photos that are happening,  like high clouds on a windy day, are my main attention during the party time of the wedding day. Each part of the day will have very different attention from the wedding photographer.

At the get ready I try to frame, using objects in the place, the bride and groom on the high speed until they are out to the ceremony place. At the ceremony I have emotions, brief looking each other moments, promises for life, and I spin, like a crazy bug, around the space to find the frames using everything I can find, but, always with the truth of the action in my mind.

At the party gathering and affection attract me. That ability that the people, in groups, have to twirl, as a band of starling around the field, rebuilding themselves all the time allowing me my best ability: detect, react and photograph. I love that. It is a constant challenge between the two most important parts of my work. Observe and execute, where I am feeling, sometimes, to have some magic powers of Clark Kent as Superman. Like that. And some like that, come to the front.

Dançando na Quinta dos Alfinetes

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