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Being a photographer has this thing. Sometimes we are looking for the little things that anybody can see, other times we have the ambition of the moment, and for some reason, the movement becomes an obsession. Notice that I use strong words to define the photographer’s interest.  They are like that and I am not different. But one of the things that brought me to the camera and lens is the possibility to achieve all of that.

That is a bold wish that, sometimes, I can achieve. I see that in this photo. Because I know that the lens I had in the camera had the ability to change the reality of the shapes, but at the same time telling the truth, when I looked, I saw my bride of the day being air dressed through a little mirror lay down in the bed next to me. Well, just by the eyes it was not interesting. It was raw, without some melting that wedding photographers liked so much. But through the magic eye of the lens, it was completely a different thing.

Focusing the face of the bride in the mirror all the surroundings will get transformed, as if an artist, with a delirious vision, assign himself to blur all the elements of the scene and transformed them into a frame, commissioned to dress the smile at this beautiful morning bride get ready. The woven fabric becomes horizontal smudges that with the vertical ones inside the mirror, but behind the bride’s face, giving us a motion sensation, as if that smile wanted to go somewhere else or be with someone else. Movement. These smile, like all smiles, does not last too much in time and this one, now, stays through time from the right time. The moment. Maybe nobody saw it, and in that room in a beautiful get ready, for the wedding morning, it was lost forever. But the wedding photographer catches it, forever.

Of course, these notices only belong to someone that likes to justify, vainly, that he can do things that the others do not. Yes, they are vain but, nevertheless, make this wedding photographer very happy.


Photo from a familiar wedding in Monchique, Algarve.

If you want to know about why I photograph weddings, or how is my working method as a Algarve wedding photographer.

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