Kids at the wedding


I have no doubt that when a child enters the space of the adults, preparing something, they are, instantly, the center of attention. Even the wedding photographer with the obligation to focus on the bride, or the groom, can not stay out of that attraction and, of course, he knows that nice photos can be done with that presence.

That is funny how some sort of thing comes to our presence and we, as wedding photographers, feel that impulse to transform them in photos. I do not know if some of you already had the opportunity to see the door of an anthill. The ants are all the time changing direction and if we pay our attention to one of them it seems that she does not know the way always turning around, even if we know that in the anthill nothing works without sense.

Sometimes I feel just like that. I am that ant, part of the process of the wedding, that seems to lose the north and, afflicted, try to find the best way to fulfill his job. That is when kids enter in the space that, supposedly, was with our control. But like the ant with its own purpose, the wedding photographer always finds the way and never loses a bit. I assure you.

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