Kids being kids in the wedding day


In the weddings we can find some people that deserve all my admiration. The kids. Not only because they are great subjects do make photos to the photographer with curious eyes but because they, usually, do not understand what they are doing here, they must hold all the wedding stages, and always very clean as the event require.

Children do not always have the notion of the importance of the day and theirs cooperation it is very relative. They loose patience very often, because playing games is more fun than the quietness as the ceremony place oblige and the long bench in the church is more fun to glide or to surpass as obstacles race.

I, often, remember that little girl, when I was starting as wedding photographer. Compelled by her grand mother to photograph she started to run way from me all the time I was near. As a ring child she did it with stretched arms and face to the ground because she do not wanted I photograph her. At the end of day, I was giving to my cameras the quietness they deserve in the bag, someone call me. Guess who. Look, now I want and with my mother and with her because she is my friend. I do not need to say what this wedding photographer did. And never forgot it.

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