Kisses and hugs for the photographer, after the wedding ceremony


Congratulations, you are beautiful. May the future give you everything you deserve. Oh!…dear, I thought never again. Ei…behave. My darlings, I am so happy for you. Eh! Eh!.. Now it is our turn. So, shall we eat? Look, will you give me the flowers? Give me a hug, I missed you so much. Etc, etc and etc…

Because my job is to photograph I can not let to hear those wishing well phrases after the ceremony.  It belongs at that moment and it is a wonder to wedding photographers that like fast happenings almost near the technical impossibility. I am one of them. I just love that chapter of the day. Knowing that, in the right moment to shoot, someone crosses in the front of my lens and… no more photo, with a little push here and excuse me there, point of view to the north suddenly changing to south more fast than stormy wind, nothing of this stop me to pursue all that emotional moments.

It seems that I am writing all the time that, in the end, all the parts of the wedding are interesting to photograph. That is very true. I take advantage of my taste for all and, each one, has its own interest. But some parts make me forget that I am contracted to do it and just remain the photographer, those that I would do anyway if I were present with a camera. This part is one of them.

Bride and groom leaving the Church, after the wedding ceremony.
Bride wrapped in guests after the ceremony.
Bride with bouquet receiving congratulations from guests.
Bride posing for a photo, with guests after the wedding ceremony.
Church square with guests of the bride and groom and Beatle car.
Bride, with the bouquet in her hand, hugging a woman guest with another in the right.
Wedding couple on departure, in a Beetle car, for the party after the ceremony.

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