Last details of the bride


I think I wrote here, before, about the great serenity that I find in the brides in the first part of the preparation, the make up and hair. It is a fact. Because bride is woman and it is part of the woman that ability to suffer, well at least seeing it by the eyes of a man, with stretching the hair time after time, at the hands of a fast and diligent hair dresser, eternities in the hot hair drier or the great patience with the twist and twirl to, at the end, find the most beautiful hair to the important moment some hours ahed. Ah…and high heels.

I may say that I am amazed with that calm and, even, joy at those moments, that for me it was a torture, but the brides live that, and when in groups, with great sense of party. But my job it is not participate and my photographer part find in those moments only motifs to use my cameras to bring those joyful times registered to the future.

 But that state of mind change drastically when the dress come out of the clothes hangar and the bride start to go to the last stage of the transformation. In some moments ahed she will be no bride anymore after those lips, careful painted some moments ago, will blow a very intense and meaningful yes. In these part of the processe my dear brides start a speedy process, the serenity change to anxiety and do not forget the rings, where is the bouquet? The shoes are not so tight? where is the retouching lip-stick? The car it is already there? Well those exquisites things so, but so, good to the wedding photographer. You do not even imagine. 

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