Last fine tuning before the wedding ceremony


The last amount of time that was used to transform a woman into the bride of the day, does not let more time do anything. However that no more time to nothing, must have time to verify a large number of things that was no time to take care about.

Those things that can not let behind, to be sure that the most precious treasure indispensable to the yes is not forgotten, that the comfortable shoes to a long dance night are guaranteed, the flowers of the bride do not stay in the kitchen, it is not the first time that some guest transforms himself into a race driver car to assure that the bride will be in time in the aisle.

There are, still, those small retouches for the bride and who is important to her, that some obligations are not forgotten and, especially, that final affection does not leave behind. The wedding photographer catches it all, never giving rest to his cameras. Like that.

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