Last moments seen by the photographer before the wedding aisle


Last verifications before leaving to the most important moment of the day. Those moments, usually, have some introspection glimpses, some serenity after the confusion of the get ready and some inner toughs before the walk to the altar where special speeches, institucional ceremonies end into a yes coming from the heart. Of course with a wedding photographer focused in all of that states of mind.

Also, I like to see the careful mother ensuring that his daughter will have the best performance in the front of the guests, the officiant and, of course, his most important of all. The mothers seem to have that ability to detect those small things, the line outside the dress, the shoe with a small spot, the place of the bouquet and those small things that can not be allowed to be forgotten.

Of course the father is, also, needed. It is a different kind of attention. More emocional than practical but essencial to season those nervous moments, jumpy fast minutes that delay to pass but too much fast to the last repairs. And all that with the attention of the wedding photographer…of course!…

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