Bride on guests shoulders under yellow light, at wedding party at Quinta das Palmeira in Sintra.

Let´s dance, it is the wedding party


Bride on guests shoulders under yellow light, at wedding party at Quinta das Palmeira in Sintra.

Yes, here it is. The party. They are young, they have energy and they dare. It is here, with some exceptions, as always, that usually, the ages make difference on the wedding day. Until now they were grandparents, parents, sons and daughters, and friends of the same age mixing and melting to celebrate the couple, celebrate the food and wine, joking here and there, meeting with old affections that the wedding photographer tries to not miss to memorize for the future.

But, in the moment of the first beat from the loudspeakers, feet, heads, and hearts start to vibe and not all have the necessary energy for that. I wrote, but not all. It is time for the wedding photographer to pick up photos between dancers better than grape clusters in a vintage year.

I love very much observing inside the viewfinder of my cameras, that is the rectangular form of how the wedding photographers see the world,  the joy, the energy, and, especially, the bonds between all these people that generate affection in the most different forms and catch into photos as the night goes on.

Guests of the wedding celebrating with songs.
Bride and groom, very hugged in the first dance in the wedding party.
Bride, between single ladies in the wedding, ready to throw the bouquet.
Bride and groom, together, cutting the wedding cake.

Serie of photos from a wedding at Quinta das Palmeiras em Sintra.

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