Let’s go the other way, we’re already married


It was done, already congratulated us and now let’s go. Let’s go to the party carried as if we were princes and princesses and we deserve it. I have talked about the connecting moments, those, as if links in a chain, that will take us into the flood of emotions and roads to the other part of the scene. Like a theater play that changes the scene but never closes the cloth.

I must say that, when wedding photographer, I will never lose the opportunity to photograph the bride and groom when they enter in the car that will lead them to the other place. It is fast, they have speed light movements and they change, at the same proportion, between the smile, the laugh, and the discomfort. Of course, discomfort, especially from the bride, because driving away with a dress and a husband is not always the easy thing to do.

They are, exactly, those passages with some euphoria, discomfort, and happiness that offer to the wedding photographer those subjects that is impossible not to be aware of, even if it was not chosen for that. If he is there, the attractions are strong than him.

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