The bride and groom with their daughters and wedding guests moments before the end of the year, at the wedding feast at Montes Claros - Lisbon Secret Spot.

Lisbon wedding and the new year


The bride and groom with their daughters and wedding guests moments before the end of the year, at the wedding feast at Montes Claros - Lisbon Secret Spot.

This wedding was very important for several reasons. The wedding photographer was working with new cameras and a new format, a new lens that allowed me more intense effects with my photos, it was on the last day of the year and passing to the next with the best wishes, as usual,  and I needed to give the same photographic importance to the two beautiful daughters.

The coincidence of the wedding with new year’s Eve was a nice offer because the guest party spirit surpasses the energy found in usual family weddings. Everything was in a nice restricted but cozy space, at the Restaurante Montes Claros in Monsanto, Lisbon. From the ceremony to the party, everything was a great reason for the wedding photographer to catch all the moments and record them on the beloved brand-new cameras.

I just have to thank Joana and Daniel for the choice they had, giving me the opportunity to be with them, photographing the wedding day. It was a great end of the year and a joyful new beginning.

At the hairdresser's, the bride being made up for her wedding, seen among the objects in the space.
The bride after her wedding makeup, seen between shelves at the hairdresser's.
At the hairdresser's, the bride's face, smiling, seen in a small round mirror.
As if it were a photograph in a frame, the bride's face, smiling, in a mirror in the hairdresser's hand.
At home, and before preparing for the wedding, the bride combing her eldest daughter, with the youngest sitting on a sofa.
The groom looking at himself in the furniture mirror of the house, getting his wedding outfit right.
Silhouetted by a window, the bride places the small bunch of flowers on the lapel of the groom's coat for the wedding.
The parents, and grooms, dressed their two daughters for their wedding.
The mother and bride combed their little daughter, just dressed, on a piece of furniture in the house.
After getting dressed for their parents' wedding, the two sisters play by the Christmas tree.
The eldest daughter of the couple to be married, with her feet on the headboard as she plays.
The youngest daughter of the bride and groom next to a piece of furniture watching TV.
The bride with her mother, who helps her button up her wedding dress.
The newlyweds with their two daughters walk among the trees in the Monsanto park, on their way to the place of the ceremony and wedding party.
Within the space of the wedding ceremony, the groom is embraced by the guest.
The bride converses with a guest as she arrives at the wedding ceremony site.
A female wedding guest, laughing with happiness, hugs the bride before the wedding ceremony.
The bride with a couple of wedding guests at a get-together, while waiting for the wedding ceremony.
Four girls sitting on a sofa before the wedding ceremony begins.
The couple sitting in front of the conservative officiant of the wedding ceremony.
The groom smiling happily during the wedding ceremony.
Moment of delivery of the wedding ring by the groom to the bride, with their two daughters between them, at Montes Claros - Lisbon Secret Spot.
The bride and groom looking at each other after the wedding rings ceremony with the eldest daughter between them.
The bride and groom, after the wedding ceremony, face close together, looking at each other, each with a daughter in their arms.
At the wedding ceremony table, the couple's eldest daughter was on the table, her face in her hand.
Bride with her youngest daughter on her lap, while signing the marriage documents.
The groom signs the marriage documents, with his eldest daughter at his side.
The bride and groom laugh happily among the guests when the wedding ceremony is over.
A grandma-faced wedding guest, among other guests, chats with the newlywed couple's youngest daughter.
A wedding guest, in the socializing after the ceremony, talking to the youngest daughter of the newly married couple, on her father's lap, the groom.
Face of the bride as she was talking to two guests, seen between them, out of focus at the Montes Claros-Lisbon Secret Spot.
The groom with his youngest daughter in his arms, among wedding guests, out of focus.
A wedding guest, during the night, on the terrace of the wedding party restaurant at Montes Claros - Lisbon Secret Spot.
The bride laughing with satisfaction, in front of the groom on the way to the wedding meal table at Montes Claros - Lisbon Secret Spot.
The bride and groom embraced facing each other and looking at each other during the opening of the Montes Claros - Lisbon Secret Spot wedding party.
Painted in light orange on a blue background, the newlyweds facing each other hold hands during the wedding reception.
Guests dance at the wedding party.
The bride's parents dance during the wedding party, with the other guests in a circle around them.
A couple dances at the wedding party at Montes Claros - Lisbon Secret Spot.
The bride and groom pour a bottle of champagne over a pyramid of glasses, with the youngest daughter on the groom's lap.
The bride dances with her father at the wedding feast.
Together, in profile and face to face, the bride and groom dance at their wedding party at Montes Claros - Lisbon Secret Spot.

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