Lisbon wedding and the new year


This wedding was very important for several reasons. I was working with new cameras and new format, new lens that aloud me more intense effects with my photos, it was in the last day of the year and passing to the next with the best wishes, as usual,  and I needed to give the same photographic importance to the two beautiful daughters.

The coincidence of the wedding with the new year’ s Eve was a nice offer because the guest party spirit surpass the energy found in usual family weddings. Everything was in a nice restricted but cozy space, at the Restaurante Montes Claros in Monsanto, Lisbon. Since the ceremony to the party, everything was a great reason to the wedding photographer catch all the moments and record them into the beloved brand new cameras.

I just have to thank to Joana and Daniel the choice they had, giving me the opportunity to be with them, photographing the wedding day. It was a great end of the year and a joyful new beginning.

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