Look at me, we are married


Once in a while I ask someone how the new year evening was and, as a answer, I got a…well, it was a night like the others. Yes it was…but our human nature with a side called culture will jump to what we can name as symbology. That is why we mark a place in time and celebrate the need of the crops, solstice day, a legendary moment important to some community or every year celebrate a day to change and ask for better things.

It was with this though  that I chose this photo for today post. I am adept of photos very simples conceived, without artifice more then the use of the scenery we have in place. In simple words we simple have to have the personage with genuine truth, symbolizing the day. Love and being happy about the existence of this day and the yes some hours before.

I am shure that Filipa and Pedro, in time, will confirm to me the trueness of this photo and this proud wedding photographer to have take it. Be always happy in all yours New Years.

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