Looking around for photos


There are a lot of things that I like to observe on a wedding day. But one, in particular, appeals to my eyes and brings my cameras to them. When arriving at the venue, where the party will be a party, the guests form groups for several reasons. Because they know each other because they have the same age because they come from the same place or just because they are there. And they talk, they tell stories, some true and some maybe not so much, they remember times together, they describe their home places, etc.

It is a great time for the wedding photographer to practice the ability to observe, to bring up the taste for composing in the group, or in portrait, and, required, the right moment to trigger on. One group of guests in the pleasant talk may assure all those possibilities that, with the use of the adequate lens, the wedding photographer can tell a portion of the story of the day, that does not only spin around the bride and the groom.

The pleasure with the wedding photography, that involves me, is, also, in those moments. I never know what they talk about, even if some shortcuts of running stories flow to my ears, because my attention is always with my eyes finding a photo that can be and because they can be everywhere, the wedding photographer has no time to listen to the end. Sometimes I am the portraitist with the long focal lens to the speaker, or to the listener, and another time I am the street photographer finding the storyteller group or the occasional walker exactly in the right spot for a photo. 

As you can see the wedding photographer has a very boring life!…

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