Love affection and wedding photography


Only three photos but they could be hundreds. Loving acts on the wedding day. Some time ago, I was not a wedding photographer, yet, I had an idea about the photos on the wedding day that resume to some key moments, some bride and groom poses, and some photos with the guests. Maybe it was, some time ago.

When I started to follow weddings, as my main photographic subject and professional life, I noticed the great theme that we can find during the day. Apart from the key moments that, for sure, are the main moments of the photographic cover, the loving acts moments are, without a doubt, at least for this wedding photographer, one of the most interesting issues of the wedding.

That is why I chose, randomly, these photos. Not because they are of exceptional photographic quality, not the opposite too, but because they are three examples of connection moments between people that love each other and show it in moments, sometimes just glimpses. That must be registered to buy the wedding photographer. 

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