Loving the place of the wedding


Most of the times, finding the wedding ceremony place, when religious, is about the comfort, because it is near the wedding venue. Other times it is because the bride and groom like the temple by affective reasons, aesthetic or because the importance of the place. We could find more reasons but it is no need.

The church chosen by Sónia and Diogo was about belonging. This church was in the borough where Sónia lived as a child and she was baptized here.  However it was not enough reason to write a text about.

What made this wedding photographer curious about, was that the repair work in the church was interrupted, the church was completely cleaned and everything put in place in order to receive them to the wedding ceremony. We can see the white stain without the decorative paint, one big window where should be the statue of the patroness and, as a sign of truthiness, a scaffold can be seen in several photos from the ceremony. When we really belong and deserve it, it happen. I still remember the proud of Sónia explaining to me the reason why the church was like that. Once more, a nice experience of the wedding photographer.

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