Metamorphosing the bride in the get ready


The bride get ready or the metamorphosis. It is funny that something we do for living can change us and  even if it is only about several minutes. As wedding photographer, I am present during the transformation process of the brides and, with sincerity, it one of the parts of the day that, photographically, I like the most.

First because I am in a universe that, out of this process, it is not aloud to me, which is a subject to another text. But the photographic interest surpasses the photographer, working in this events, because it is a real process of transformation that would delight any lover of catching light with a camera.

Starting, most of the times, with the simple good morning, we did not started yet, it is ok because I start with the dress, shoes and adornments and when you will be ready I will go to you. Next, the wedding photographer enchants with the process that will transform a beautiful woman with fringe nerves eager to leave to a yes with golden rings. A privilege.

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