Mirror, oh my mirror …and the shy in the wedding


When I am photographing a wedding I am always finding an action that can give me a story, that fulfills the day and everybody there. It is not the first time that I have running parents from the camera, shy mothers with lenses asking the photographer…not me.

That is why I need to find subterfuges to integrate all the participants without forcing the presence in the front of the lens. Mirrors use to be my great friends when I need to find some solutions in that situations. They help me to hide those that do not want to show up and, also, to achieve, in the bottom of the room, that presence needing to be remembered.

The not intrusive and respectful wedding photographer has the obligation to ensure attendance for those that were present. This is a good balance to assure that my attention was the reason to be there. Tell a story with mandatory characters, not all the time wishing to be photographed must be remembered in the first line. It is a very good challenge for the wedding photographer. The mirrors deserve all my thanks.

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