Mirrors and brides


The mirror or the other side of the imagination. I have a fascination, almost maniac, with mirrors, and when I enter in the place where the bride, or the groom, is getting ready, and just needing that the wedding photographer starts to catch the stories if I do not see a mirror I feel some sort of discomfort that, suddenly, go away because there is a lot of work to be done.

However a mirror can help the catch of photos happening everywhere and, with the help of his beloved lens, the wedding photographer can create, sometimes, a sensation of a dream, some other reality as if a suspended garden was there or when someone sees it, later in the future, that space was transformed in a sort of wonder. A nice wander, a wanted to wonder.

But even if I do not think about it, at the moment I start to prepare my strategy of taking views, the first thing that my part of a wedding photographer does is search for the mirrors. If there is one, I may say, I feel some sort of relief but it is…not. And I follow my duty.

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