Moments in photography, again


Impression. That is what a photo is. It seems that it is but it is not. But it has, like a wedding photo, the obligation to impress all those that will see that impression which is a photograph. Another obligation, of that impression as a photo, is to bring to the future a moment of the passed impossible to revive again. That is why we love photography.

 In his dynamic, which a wedding day is full, the fact that we can use media to steal moments from the time it is a wonder. Having the power to steal moments to the time and bring them back, all the time I want is a privilege that I have and I do not see myself doing another thing. Imagine, stealing slices from the time. What a wonderful thief.

Those words were about these two photos. João and Vanda walk to the last offer they do to their guests. The cut of the wedding cake and the share with everybody. The light that involves them, comes from those who love them, and the light comes from the city of Lisbon, faraway, in the other photo. Those smiles will never come back again, those lights will never be on again and Lisbon, tomorrow, at the same time, will be with another shine.

But with the work of the wedding photographer, they know that those smiles, those lights, and that glowing city will be with them every time they want to see them.  The thief of moments, also known as a wedding photographer, just shows them that it can be always like that. That is why it is worth, very much, to be that thief.

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