More photos from the bride and groom at Peninha in Sintra


At this time of the year, the photographer spread some time reviewing the work done and planning the future. In this process, he sees some works in their archives that he did not remember anymore. It was like that I found, again, the session with Isabel and Renato.

It was one of those ends of the day that I love to photograph. The place, most of the time hungry and difficult with the number of photographers wanting the beauty they found there, it was very friendly letting his beauty come to the front, without wind, rain, fog or cold and with that light that attracts lens and cameras. The textures of the place with bindweed climbing over the high trees older than the time itself, rocks with that green/orange moss lay down as if the only nice thing to do is sleepily under the cops of light coming from the top of the trees. And all this attracts wedding photographers, and all the others, that love to melt this atmosphere with the ones they will go to photograph.

That was the reason I have been there, and I will back again every time that winds, unliking photographers, let me do want I am formatted to do and I can not avoid. But with sun or not, with clouds or fog, after the rain or before that, Peninha will always be one of the best scenarios for wedding photographers with their beloved brides and grooms.

More photos from the bride and groom at Peninha, Sintra

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