Moving to a wedding in Fátima


I, already, wrote here about the rush of the wedding photographers between the locations where they need to go. But with Vanessa in Abóboda, with a rainy day, and Ricardo in Atouguia, near Fátima, the things made me remember Speedy Gonzalez cartoons. Starting the day, in the morning, very early, and being caught by the hard rain, between the car and the hairdresser, where the bride was for the first part of her transformation, was not what this humble wedding photographer expected but…it is part of the job.

I must say that the bride and the makeup team were very precise with the timings to give me time to be with the groom in time. After the bride, as a beautiful butterfly after metamorphosis,  the way to Atouguia, which seems a century ahead, was just a moment after that I was stopping at a time to photograph the groom which was on time to the begin of the ceremony at the Atouguia main church.

I forgot to say that the rain stopped, it was just a starting day fright, and the weather was friendly all day and, arrived at the venue, at Quinta da Ramila at Ortiga, all the things that must be done on the wedding day where accomplished. Party, joy, and best wishes to the bride and groom.

I was there to register all that and with mission accomplished  I, slowly at dawn, back home, my headquarters.

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