The happy wedding couple doing a dance in the wedding party at Quinta da Ramila, by the wedding photographer in Leiria.

Moving to a wedding in Fátima


The happy wedding couple doing a dance in the wedding party at Quinta da Ramila, by the wedding photographer in Leiria.

I, already, wrote here about the rush of wedding photographers between the locations where they need to go. But with Vanessa in Abóboda, with a rainy day, and Ricardo in Atouguia, near Fátima, the things made me remember Speedy Gonzalez cartoons.

Starting the day, in the morning, very early, and being caught by the hard rain, between the car and the hairdresser, where the bride was for the first part of her transformation, was not what this humble wedding photographer expected but…it is part of the job.

I must say that the bride and the makeup team were very precise with the timings to give me time to be with the groom in time. After the bride, as a beautiful butterfly after metamorphosis,  the way to Atouguia, which seems a century ahead, was just a moment after that I was stopping at a time to photograph the groom which was on time to the beginning of the ceremony at the Atouguia main church.

I forgot to say that the rain stopped, it was just a starting day fright, and the weather was friendly all day and, arrived at the venue, at Quinta da Ramila at Ortiga, all the things that must be done on the wedding day were accomplished. Party, joy, and best wishes to the bride and groom.

I was there to register all that and with mission accomplished  I, slowly at dawn, back home, my headquarters.

Bride holds her hair while at the hairdresser' s.
Bride's braid in a  mirror.
Bride's wedding and ceremony shoes next to the bouquet.
Bride already with the dress and check details.
Dressed bride silhouette trough the door almost closed.
Silhouetted bride with her sister buttoning dress.
Girl talks with the bride.
Sister of the bride and niece putting on her shoes.
Bride smiles when hold on the dress.
Bride sitting in bed with her nieces.
Portrait of bride sitting on bed.
Bride walks down the stairs of her parents' house.
Bride when she shows up in the living room.
Family of the bride to watch her arrive in the room after getting dressed for the wedding.
The groom buttons his shirt in the mirror.
The groom, in a mirror, with his mother and father.
The groom buttons the collar of the shirt with his parents in the background, blurred.
The groom's mother smiles while watching the father put the buttons on the cuff of the shirt.
The groom puts a flower on the launder of his coat.
Groom smiling in mirror.
Groom enters with his mother at the doors of the Church.
Two wedding guests with a boy looking at the groom entering the church.
Bride still in the car before leaving for church.
Bride goes up the stairs of the churchyard, on her way to the entrance, with two guests in the foreground.
Wide view of the church entrance with the bride and her father entering the door.
Groom kisses the bride as she arrives at the altar.
Boy plays with in cell phone during wedding ceremony.
Girl on her father's lap, while they sing a liturgical song.
Baby, held by mother, plays with girl at wedding ceremony.
The bride and groom seated in front of the altar.
General view of the church with the bride and groom in front, next to the altar with the priest.
Two ladies talk to a boy during the wedding ceremony.
A girl attends the wedding ceremony.
The bride puts the ring on the groom's finger.
A boy and a girl playing at the wedding ceremony.
Priest, from the back and out of focus, with the bride and groom in the background.
The bride talks to the groom and they both smile.
Departure from the Church of the bride and groom, among rice and flower petals in a grand celebration.
Bride hugs guest after the wedding ceremony.
Groom is hugged by friend as he leaves the church.
Groom in the midst of his guests.
Bride hugs a girl who congratulates her.
Bride and groom and some guests before the departure of the Church.
The bride snuggles into the car to leave for Quinta da Ramila.
Groom while talking to the bride inside the car.
The newlyweds in front of the scooter that will take them to Quinta da Ramila.
Bride sits on the scooter with the help of a wedding guest.
The bride and groom leave on the scooter with him driving.
The bride and groom are seated in the scooter's charter area, almost arriving at the wedding reception.
The bride and groom arrive at Quinta da Ramila together with guests.
The bride and groom walk, already at Quinta da Ramila, towards their guests.
Wedding guests in the lounge area.
Decoration of the wedding party meal table.
Lamp with flowers decorating an area of ​​the wedding dining room.
Little girl, guest of the wedding, walking in the garden of Quinta da Ramila.
Girl with her cell phone while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive.
Newlyweds arrive at the Quinta da Ramila dining room and are embraced by a girl.
Three girls sitting during the wedding party.
Wedding guests dressed as Mexican singers.
Wedding guest looking at his cell phone with his family.
Wedding guest tells a secret to his girlfriend who laughs.
The bride play with a baby.
Girl dressed as a pirate at the wedding party.
Portrait of the bride and groom in the garden of Quinta da Ramila.
Bride sitting with the groom from behind, defocused.
Groom pushes the bride on a swing.
Bride and groom among tree branches.
Bride and groom, hugging, with blurred trees in the background.
The bride and groom smile.
Bride and groom leaning against an old stone wall, with a green door.
Happy dancing bride.
The bride and groom at the first dance of the wedding party.
Wedding guest hugs his daughters.
Bride with friend and a girl while dancing.
The bride and groom dance among the guests during the ball.
Couple of guests dancing at the wedding party.
Wedding guests dance past a floral arrangement.
Invited dancing at the wedding party ball.
The bride and groom dance together with another couple that is also dancing.
The bride and groom make an arch for the guests to pass through.
Groom kneels in front of the bride at the wedding reception.
Painted face girl sleeps face down on the table.
The groom guides the bride, with her face covered, to deliver the bouquet to the single woman.
Single lady at the time she receives the bouquet from the bride.
The wedding cake on the table.
Little girl dancing with her mother.
Boy on the cell phone.
Group of wedding guests at play.

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