Mysteries in the photos of the wedding


I love very much those photos that have the ability to ask ourselves about what would be outside of the border. Usually, they tell a story, that we will never know, and our minds start to imagine why, or for whom, that smile is for. 

That is why, when wedding photographer, as I am in the front of these situations, and the action let me extend the experimentations of looking twice, reframing and doing the most possible explaining situations in photos, once in a while I let some mysteries to be imagined.

So, one of them must have that enigma inside. To whom? Why? It was a long simile or that one so fleeting that it was a great chance to catch it in the precise moment? Humm…To those bright eyes, it was important. I am sure. Well, before you accuse me to have too much imagination and I am inventing stories, I stop now. But certainly, with the guarantee of the wedding photographer, it was a truthful smile. Really.

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