New Year, dances and photographer, at a wedding


Who said that a big wedding have more fun than a small one? I was not and I never could. My time, as wedding photographer, taught me never predict how that group of people will behave, when is time to tap the foot, with the music rhythm and with the right time with all the others who are in the wedding party. To think that within a large group it will be always the same, wherever this group is, it is a mistake. Never is.

Sometimes it seems that everybody have only a right foot and it is impossible to tune with the music, other, nobody feel the rhythm, there is only a slight shake enough to make it look that they are dancing and here, everybody knows what to do and the party is really party, a thing that the wedding photographer does not care about, just takes advantage. Of course I am exaggerating a bit, as someone used to fantasies that help me, a lot, in the working day or…night.

I do not know as if it was because the year was in the last moments to go, and the new one almost showing the eyes in the clock of the room, but, those guests, did not have a word for rest and everybody knew all the seasonings and secrets to dance and joy. I may say that nothing ended with the stop for the 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 happy new year for all and, specially, for the wedding couple. None of this, the thing continued until some begin to surrendered and thought that it was time to rest. It happens. The wedding photographer, also, decided that it was time to rest his cameras and lens and left, already in a new year wishing to be the best.

Couple guest dancing in the wedding party.
There is a time in the dance floor were everybody can be a great subject for the wedding photographer.
Two women dancing in the wedding party.
Communication moments when dancing must not me wasted. There is a story to be told.
Group of guests of the wedding dancing.
In the middle of the group, at some moment, we find main characters of the story. Those things that the photographer must be aware.
Convidada de um casamento no meio de outros a dançar.
Finding someone with that full of life expression, is always a great attraction for my lenses. The one I used here does not lost one of it.
The bride during the wedding party.
And we have the bride, always attentive to the guests. For sure a great photographic opportunity.
Little girl with a painted face in the lap of the father during the wedding party.
Children, their parents and attentive eye are essentials to find those photos that the wedding photographer can not let go.
Parents of the bride dancing.
The wedding couple parents are always heroes of the night when we find them dancing non stop, making the lenses of the photographer so happy.
The groom, with the daughter in the lap, and the bride filling the glasses pyramid with champagne.
For New Year’s Eve weddings, the pyramid of champagne glasses to be filled by the newlyweds is a mandatory photo.
Guests of the wedding expecting the new year.
And everybody waits for the first second of the new Year. Photo done exactly in the momento of the passage when everybody starts do explode with joy and welcoming the new year.

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