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I already wrote here about the gladness I have when I find some rituals, in the wedding, that come from other places. I must say that this habit, of cutting a heart in a white fabric sheet, is not news to me but it is always an attraction to any wedding photographer. I’ve met it before and I find, based on a challenge, it is an excellent beginning for a life together, because the last to cut is part of the heart that will carry the other through the hole, just opened. As you can imagine, the bride always wins.

Walking around is something that points to photography. At the most relaxed moments of the conviviality, usually before the meal or after it and according to the places that appeal to that relaxing, I find, always, as a wedding photographer, several reasons to pick up, here and there, some conversations, some just being there, a long-delayed meeting or, simply, the bride and the groom to thank their guest’s presence.

I take my peeking side. But it is true that I was contracted to it. So, the presence of the wedding photographer is peaceful in the middle of the group gathered to celebrate this big day of the couple. It would not be a good thing do not to use that to catch the best and the most amount of photos as I can. In the end, my couple of the day will be the winner with all that memories to complete with their own.

Bride and groom cutting the painted heart in a sheet as they do in Germany.
Bride with a woman guest, viewing photos in a smartphone.
Guests around before the wedding meal.
Guests seated on a table, talking with two of them standing.
Groom gathering between guests of the wedding.
Guests seated on a table, talking with two of them standing.
Bride and groom talking with guests, of the wedding, seated on a table.

Some photos at nightfall in Penha Longa Resort em Sintra by the Lisbon Wedding Photographer.

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