Not always a photo


Intimate moments. Even if the wedding is a public act I believe that some moments must stay private. I do not talk about illegal things but, sometimes, simples moments of affection. As a wedding photographer, I do not believe that everything is photographable.

I find, several times, in those sites that reward wedding photos in some moments that are from great specularity, strangeness, or out of the usual. They generate fantastic pictures but, sometimes, surpass the intimate space of the people that were photographed.

I may say that contrary the humor ( I am listening, in radio, a talk show about that) I impose to myself some limits to my impulse to photograph towards the moments that I am finding, as subject to photos that I was, by the couple, in charge to do. There are moments that do not concern the wedding photographer and just happened to have vanished and only exist, as a memorable impression, in those who lived them.

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