Now this is real, time to get married


Without a doubt, the bride is the queen of the day. We can compare to nothing her entry in the ceremony place, in a secular Church or in a modern venue designed for the purpose in the front of a state representative. It is the moment where everything start. In the moment the bride shows in the door of the sanctuary or put the first foot in the carpet that takes her near the groom, impatiently waiting, everybody knows that, now, it is real, the big event started.

Despite all the ritual that the ceremony is imbued, since the priest homily or the advisement of the inspired officiant, everything point to the moment that matter. Swearing by the yes said with conviction, but sometimes shaken, until the rings that connect, all those are magnetic moments for the wedding photographer.

Even after all those that this wedding photographer already captured, I must say, and I have the proofs, that never felt myself repeating something, that frequently, I am present, again. I never found repeated looking eyes, the introspection, the looking around finding if some are not present, that unrepeatable eyes on the eyes that my cameras love so much  and the out of context joke from that friend that feel himself as a…comedian. The wedding photographer react to everything and he knows that he has something unique inside his memory cards. 


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