Observing and framing in wedding photography


I used to say, when I am talking about my work, that, on the wedding day, I spend my time transforming the chaos into harmony. When the wedding photographer moves through the several spaces where the wedding things are happening, we may not find the best harmonious actions in the move. Since the chaotic people moving inside the spaces, at least in the bride get ready, with the several doings in the same space, and the mess that can involve does not produce the best photos that we need to be…great.

Even the best scenario of the Church can not give to the wedding photographer the best proportions to photograph those, that chose that place, in that gloriously point of view imagined before. Not every church have the design of the altar with the best proportions for the blessing, that the couple will receive there, and interfere with the point of view, the big door can pour tones of light impossible to control or the person in charge do not let the wedding photographer in the best places to that photos he, stubbornly, do not stop to find.

Well, you may think that the wedding photographer is just complaining to justify his inability. Quite the opposite. All those problems are the best challenge that he can find. Finding in the small viewfinder, his eye of the world, he cut those chaotic surroundings in pieces where the lack of harmony, of the all, miraculously, give beautiful pieces for the gladness of the eyes. The wedding photographers and the others call it framing. That is what made them run every day and that is why the memory of the day is what their best friends are, the cameras, built, rectangle after rectangle, and, with each one, a small piece of that story. In the slang of the wedding photographers, it is called moments. A lot.

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