October wedding in Braga


After the mild afternoon, yesterday, in the streets of Braga no one  would guess what will be going on today. Not now. Now, the weather is nice for an October in Braga, which mean that it is a mild morning but a bit fresh for a wedding photographer coming from the south. With Bruno it was very informal as it should be with friends but never forgetting the real reason I was there.

Passing by the hairdresser to offer a bride hair to Sónia, the wedding photographer made there photos that we need and let’s go, speedy, because, ahed, time as no more time to give. The bride is ready, she move to the car and some raindrops start to fall, usual someone told me, maybe from clouds wishing well to the coming yes.

But, maybe, the drops come from envious and jealous clouds. Since the bride start to get ready to get out of the car, at the door of the Church, they send the drops, huge, cold and dancers by wind very windy maybe because they did not want her married or they did not want her with Bruno, already waiting cozy near the altar. But bride that want to be married nothing can stop her to be near the chosen one.

When the ceremony was over the envious clouds stoped dropping and an embarrassed sun, but enough bright to bless the couple, with a good light to that moment. From there, party. Let’s go. It seems that the jealous clouds pursued the wedding photographer, the couple, families and guests and, lurking, since the bride and the groom start to get out of the car…here we go…hard rain is gonna fall. But they plotted because diligent umbrellas did not let them fulfill their wishes. Once inside…just see the photos. It was a party and the wedding photographer did his duty.

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