One reason to photograph


Feeling, when we see a photo from someone, that some sort of reason, a sense that justifies why it was done, a warranty for the existence of that photo. We can photograph someone, especially in an important public act, and do everything as it should be done.  Composition, light, correct choice of the lens to the mood we want to give but if that sense is not there, that reason for the photo, we can only find an empty photo.

We will never know what was being said and heard. But we know that it was important because the yes are attentive and the expression of faces irradiate happiness. We know that whoever speaks, and out of the photo, it can be a friend, a priest, a father, or a mother talking about the moment, doing it with interest because we feel that connection in those that were the subject of the wedding photographer.

This is, mainly, what gives importance to these photos and the interest to show them to those that belong inside those photos and to the others with some seconds to enjoy them. If we compare with the crime literature that must have always the mobile of the crime, the wedding photographer must find, always, the sense, reason, of the subjects. That is what gives that warranty of importance of the take of the view. At least it is what I, always, try.

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